Church Ministries

Children Sunday School

Our Sunday School program teaches children to revere God, know God, and serve God through learning God’s Word and practicing biblical principles. Our goal is to help our children build and manifest Godly characters both at home and in school. 

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry helps youth establish a worldview that is rooted in the Word of God, trains youth to discern between biblical principles and pop-cultural trends, and helps youth live a lifestyle and develop relationships in accordance with biblical principles. We aim to build accountability and responsibility in our youth. 

University of New Mexico Chinese Christian Campus Fellowship (UNM CCCF)Link

UNM CCCF was established in 1995.  It is a UNM-registered organization and comprises mainly Chinese students and scholars at UNM. The organization provides various services to Chinese students, scholars, and their families, who came to UNM to study, work, or visit from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other regions.

The Fellowship shares God’s love with people by helping with their daily living needs and spiritual quest.  With organized services and activities, the Fellowship helps those who are new to America to overcome culture shock, language barriers, and anxiety due to financial and future uncertainties. The Fellowship is also a place for exchanging thoughts and ideas on religion, faith, and Christianity, as well as a platform for interested parties to explore Chinese culture.

North Community Cell Group

The gatherings of the North Community Cell Group focus on four areas (4 “W”):

Welcome – Communications on family and work, establish relationship and friendship through sharing and caring for each other.

Worship – Worship God through songs and hymns, establish and strengthen relationship with God.

Word – Bible study, biblical literature reading, and discussions that lead to meditation on purpose of life, knowledge of God, and practicing our faith in daily living.

Warfare – Strengthen the spiritual life inside us through prayer, overcome life difficulties and challenges, and live out our Christian faith. 

Inner Life Cell Group

The Inner Life Cell Group studies and practices principles to strengthen our inner life (inner man), establish an intimate relationship with God, be transformed by the renewing of our mind in His presence, grow in His image, bear spiritual fruit, glorify God’s name, and be a blessing to others.