Welcome to Albuquerque Chinese Christian Church!

    Albuquerque Chinese Christian Church (ACCC) was founded more than thirty years ago. Over the last thirty years, our pastors and coworkers have been ceaselessly seeking God’s mission for this church. Not until twenty years have passed has God clearly revealed His calling for ACCC, that is, to become a church model that connects Kingdom ministries. Through years of exploration and trials we have provided other Chinese churches invaluable input and understanding in church development and transition. The challenges we have faced and experienced have led to inspiration and blessings to many other churches.

    ACCC is a “Research & Development (R&D)” base for Kingdom ministries. In this church you are not simply part of a congregation but an integral component of the Kingdom. One of our key perceptions is that every brother and sister is instrumental to help prepare God’s people for works of service in God’s Kingdom, while reaching his/her own full potential in glorifying God’s name. 

    We believe that the key to finding one’s calling is to continuously and intimately abide in the Lord, and meanwhile, to remain in the body of Christ, joined and held together in response to God’s calling.

    We also believe that a local church is not just an organization but a living organism that belongs to the spiritual body of God. You may not attend our church or even reside in Albuquerque. Still, we welcome you to participate in our Kingdom ministries in every possible way, because the most important thing is to be able to unite in the body of Christ.

    Our goal is to establish our church as a center that serves the community, practices our faith, and trains church leaders. Please feel free to browse through the links of this website, to learn more about our views and experiences, and to observe and exchange ideas. Also, please feel free to contact the leaders of various ministries if needed. We welcome questions and suggestions in the R&D of Kingdom ministries. May our communication and the work we do edify the body of Christ, His church!

    Again, welcome to ACCC!

Pastor Jian Zhu

Sunday Schedule

9:25 AM - 11:30 AM

Children's Sunday School
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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