Kingdom Ministries


The intercessory team of ACCC was established by church intercessory leaders and volunteers.  The team regularly prays for various kingdom ministries in the region and beyond.

The Better Homeland Music Performance

ACCC collaborates with the Proclaim Evangelistic Music Ministry to conduct the Better Homeland Music Performance in various regions.  ACCC’s participation includes intercession, messages at concert, leadership, communication, administration, and the annual “Better Homeland” retreat at Niagara Falls.

Please see the website of Proclaim Evangelistic Music Ministry for more information. 

Biblical Worldview and Chinese Church Leadership Forum

Originated at ACCC, this Forum connects the leadership of churches and ministries in various regions for advancing international kingdom ministry.  The collaborations involve Chinese churches and organizations in America, Canada, Southeast Asia, and mainland China.  The primary goal of this Forum is to plan the strategies for the development of God’s Kingdom in today’s world through inter-connections among the leadership of churches and organizations. 

Chinese Christian Businessman Association

ACCC serves as the co-organizer of this international association for Chinese Christian businessmen.  The main purpose of this Association is to provide service to Christians in business venues, to care for and disciple this particular group to become warriors for the Gospel of Jesus.

Please see the website of Chinese Christian Businessman Association for more information.

North America Mainland China Mission (NAMCM)

NAMCM was organized in part by ACCC.  NAMCM connects the churches and ministries in various regions for international kingdom ministry.  The main purpose is to provide service to churches and organizations that minister to mainland Christians.  NAMCM strategically develops international inter-connections and promotes inter-region, inter-denomination, and inter-profession ministries.

Please see the website of North America Mainland China Mission for more information.

Chinese Pastor Fellowship (CPF)

Originated in part at ACCC, CPF connects the churches and ministries in various regions to provide service to the leaders of mainland Chinese churches.  Using the annual special meeting in Hong Kong as a platform, CPF provides training and discipleship to pastors, core coworkers, and leaders to build up churches in various regions.