Leaders & Coworkers

Jian Zhu, Senior Pastor

Pastor Jian Zhu is in charge of the long-term planning and direction of church growth, and the establishment of the church leadership team.

Rebecca Chan, Pastor

Pastor Rebecca Chan is in charge of shepherding ACCC members and coordination of various local ministries of ACCC. She is also in charge of the Chinese Christian Campus Fellowship for its gospel ministry and leadership team.

Lilly Chan, Pastor

Pastor Lilly Chan is in charge of Kingdom-wide intercessory ministry, network, mission, gospel ministry, and discipleship.

Committee of Elders

Members: Bruce Xu (Chair) , Tiequan Chen , Wu-Ching Cheng , Jim Wang, and Jun Zhang , Guanling Lu.

The Committee of Elders are in charge of church administration and governing, as well as preaching and teaching.  It works together with the pastoral team to pastor church members.

Committee of Deacons

Members: Ying Wang , David Tian , Rui Chen , Jun Li.

Committee of Deacons are in charge of church operations, various activities, implementation, organization, and management.  It is part of the church leadership team.