Public Services

 America China Civic Exchange (ACCE) 

ACCE is formed by social leaders and professionals who share the same interest in developing friendship, culture exchange, and economic ties between China and the United States through its good-willed, charitable, and professional services.  Its primary goal is to promote exchange network between professions, social societies, and entities, as well as to establish and strengthen friendship between the general public of the two countries.  ACCC is one of the collaborating parties of ACCE.

Please see the website of America China Civic Exchange for more information.

Albuquerque Sister Cities Foundation

This Foundation is an organization formed by the governments of participating American and Chinese cities through mutual agreements on culture exchange.  The primary goal is to establish and strengthen friendship and corporation between the two countries.  ACCC is a partner of the Albuquerque Sister Cities Foundation.

Please see the website of Albuquerque Sister Cities Foundation for more information.

Lincoln Christian University China Institute

Lincoln Christian University was established more than 70 years ago.  It is a private American university recognized by the China Education Bureau. China Institute is a newly developed extension of the University to international education market.  ACCC is a partner of the Institute and is in charge of recruiting students from China.

Please see the website of Lincoln Christian University for more information.

Red Cross International Aid Service Center

The Red Cross International Aid Service Center is located in the town of Qiang Tribe in Bei Chuan, Sichuan Province.  It is a nonprofit and nongovernment organization (NGO) registered with Chinese government and provides humanitarian and aid service to the international society.  This organization is under development and its main goal is to provide a platform to express Sichuan people’s appreciation for the benevolence and aid they received from the international communities after the 5.12 (2008) earthquake.  ACCC is a partner of the Red Cross International Aid Service Center.

Photo: In the 5.12 earthquake, the beautiful campus of Bei Chuan School was entirely buried except for a basketball hoop and a Chinese flag, flying high.